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  Previous entries: 1 - Antigua, 2 - Antigua to Los Roques, 3 - Los Roques to Bonaire, 4 - Touring Bonaire

   5 - Bonaire to Panama , 6 - Panama and Panama Canal , 7 - Panama to Ecuador, 8 - Galapagos, 9 - Isabela Island, Galapagos and  Enroute to the Marquesas, 10 - Cruising the Marquesas, 11 - Tuamotus and Tahiti, 12 - Tahiti, Moorea and Raiatea, Society Islands, 13 - Society Islands to Tonga, 14 - Tonga

15 - Fiji and New Caledonia, 16 - Landfall Australia, 17 - Brisbane, 18 - Brisbane to Sydney, 19 - Sydney Part 1, 20 - Sydney Part 2, 21 - Sydney to Brisbane, 22 - New Zealand


As a clue to the highlight of our Pacific voyage, click here to view a short film clip.

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We are blue water sailors, just home after a recent trip to the Bahamas and then up to the Chesapeake aboard our boat Encore II.  While we haven't posted any specifics or pictures from this past trip,  at this site, you will be able to read about  our longer voyages...where we've visited and what we've seen.  We've posted the logbook from our first world cruise aboard Encore I, which was from 1997 to 2001, and entries from our second Pacific crossing aboard Encore II completed in 2006, cruising Australia in 2007 and finally our visit to New Zealand.  We still cruise aboard Encore I in the Great Lakes.

After completing our Pacific cruising, we decided to ship Encore II back to the USA where it arrived in Ft. Lauderdale after seven weeks aboard Dockwise Transport's "Super Servant 4" yacht carrier ship.  Encore II hadn't been washed since April of 2007 due to the drought in Australia and when it arrived in March 2008, we had a week of just cleaning and repairing things that don't like sitting unused.  We crossed over to familiar cruising grounds in the Abacos of the Bahamas for about a month and instead of simply returning to Florida, at the last moment changed our plans and sailed back up the coast to the Chesapeake.

In spite of cruising in dozens of foreign countries, we've never cruised the East Coast of the USA, so we have positioned Encore II to do this hopefully later this year.  Our trip up the coast got a boost from the Gulf Stream and we arrived in Norfolk in just under 4 days, arriving just after a rare tornado had hit the area.  After another two days motorsailing up the Chesapeake Bay, we've left Encore II at the Hinckley Boatyard in Oxford, MD.  Hinckley is the premier sail and picnic boat manufacturer in the USA and we're looking forward to having them do a number of projects for us before we return.  We've posted listings for both our boats on various websites as eventually we'll only keep one of the two boats.

"Our Family" lets you meet us, while "Our Boat" tells about our two current sailboats.  "Encore I Voyages" are photos aboard our Beneteau First 45f5 from 1991 to now, including the logbook from our first world cruise beginning with the Expo '98 Round the World Rally, while "Encore II Voyages" are photos aboard our Lavranos 56 sailboat, and begins the logbook from our current world cruise to the Pacific in 2006.

"Our Itinerary" listed our our originally expected stops and timetable for our last Pacific crossing, although it was expected to and did change based on weather, opportunities and challenges.  From this page, you can also view portions of our electronic charts showing our route.

Favorite Links


The most frequent benefit of the Internet to us, is being able to check weather.  The information and links to the right are some of the places we visit.  Of all the sites we check, Weather Underground is our favorite since it can give us details of nearly any place in the world.  Their Tropical Weather page is a great spot to track hurricanes and when we're home, we check it at least daily during hurricane season.  Weather Underground was created by meteorologists at the University of Michigan.

Click here for more of our favorites.

Click for Plymouth, Michigan Forecast

Click for Sydney, New South Wales Forecast

Click for Tahiti, French Polynesia Forecast

Click for Auckland, New Zealand Forecast The banners above show the weather at home as well at spots along our route.

The following links show some of the weather maps and forecasts we consult.  We get these via the Internet when we can, otherwise, we can get them as radio faxes via our high seas (single sideband) radio.

Keep in mind that the forecasts cover broad areas, and our route tends to avoid most areas of tropical storms and gales.

Caribbean weather map, forecast

Eastern Pacific weather map, forecast

Central South Pacific  forecast

Western South Pacific weather map, forecast

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